1993 Cycle Messenger Bag - Years of Wears

1993 Cycle Messenger Bag - Years of Wears

A huge thanks to all those who have sent us incredible stories and pics of Cactus products that have faithfully endured 'Years of Wears'.  Our faded memories (much like our fading hairlines) got a jog down memory lane.

This week's winner is Thomas Vieregg. Cheers Thomas, what a treat to clap eyes on one of our earliest cracks at a messenger bag.  A tee is heading your way.

Keep the entries coming, we'll draw a few more winners over coming weeks (entry details here).

"This bag has been by my side for countless adventures, close calls, long days and nights and in all weathers around the world for nearly 3 decades.

Us Wellington bike couriers in 1993 were sick of cumbersome and slow to access backpacks and when we heard of how others overseas had these cool shoulder bags we knew we wanted them too. Cactus took the call and were the first to produce these especially made for bike couriers bags in New Zealand. A bunch were sent to us and we never looked back - my bag is from that first run and may even be a prototype as I was asked what could be improved on it at the time (the answer was nothing).

I've ridden with this bag for 5 years in Wellington, 6 months in Melbourne, 6 months in Perth and 5 years in Salzburg, where it withstood everything even an Austrian winter could throw at it. Its outlasted 11 solid years on the road and roughly 15 bikes that couldn't hack it. It's been packed with countless envelopes, packages, personal belongings, beers, bike repair kits..you name it and its still going strong!

This bag has welded itself to my back and is ingrained in my identity. These days it hangs on a special place where its displayed at home and I only take it out on special occasions - I know I'll have it for life."  
Thomas Vieregg