A Bloody Happy Bloke

A Bloody Happy Bloke

This is a long post but well worth a read - a great story from a happy Cactus customer!

Greetings fellow converted Cactus pilgrims,

About a moon ago at smoko, a few subbies were giving me stick about the state of my work pants because they had a few rips and were getting a bit worn. I told the cheeky buggers that they were NZ made as I only buy Kiwi made and will get a new pair soon.

He told me I should check out Cactus Supertrousers as he had a pair on and recommended that they were bulletproof with a no-nonsense lifetime guarantee, sounded too good to be true. I told him I would go and check them out. Was about a week later that I made it into your wicked store, bloody stoked you open tradie hours. I got yakking to the bloke there telling him that I was after a tough pair of pants that need to be practical. He showed me what they had and I said I should try on some Supertrousers. Wow, they seemed stiff and reminded me of the first time in the saddle. They were a bit long but no need to stress coz the bloke said that they hem them to fit so I left them with him and explained that I was heading bush in a couple of days and would I be pushing shit uphill to have them done by then, no worries he said so off I went. Later that night I thought maybe a size smaller and a bit longer hem would suit me better so the next morning I rang and left a message asking if I could be a pain in the bum and change my order. They rang me back and said no worries and will buzz me when ready to pick up.

Was sitting down at arvo smoko when I got a text to say they were ready, bloody heck 2 days early is this for real I thought to myself.

I went straight there after work and sure enough, they were ready for their new owner, I got yakking to the young lady at the counter and she joined me up to the Cactus Club. The next day I chucked them on loaded up the ute and headed for the wonderful West Coast to put them through their test. Got to the batch nice and early got the ute unloaded, gassed up the chainsaw and headed to the hut. On arriving we saw there were a few big branches that needed to be trimmed. I looked at my Cactus pants and laughed as they were about to get nice and dirty. I was about 20 meters up an old Birch tree with me chainsaw cutting windblown damage. I got down and my pants would no longer be the same as they were covered in sawdust and chainsaw waste, we tidied up the branches and headed back to the ute. It started pissing down I had the chainsaw in one hand and the fuel in the other when all of a sudden I arsed up and was covered in mud from head to toe, all I could hear was a lot of laughter from the young-in 'fair enough' I told her, by the time we got back to the ute you could not recognize my pants as they were covered in mud and wetter than a drowned rat. We got back to the batch to a nice warm fire. I had planned on changing out of them but they dried in no time (is this for real?) a pair of pants that can handle abuse and dry so quickly.

The next morning I chucked the billy on and went outside to see what the weather was doing. I looked up at the awesome Paparoa range and thought what a nice day to climb a mountain so I mustered up the troops and headed for the hills, a few hours later still wearing my new Cactus pants we made it to the Top Hut. We left in the heat of the sun and arrived in the snow but yet they still felt good. We made a brew and I sat on the roof looking out over Blackball and the Grey Valley. I took a couple of photos and enjoyed the moment. The photo attached is the same photo, yip that's my 3 days old Cactus Supertrousers looking worse for wear but bloody comfortable. Well maybe the guys were right, maybe they are the ultimate all-around pants. The next day we got back to the batch and gave them a good shake and chucked them back on and they were ready for the pub. You don't need to wash them, it's like they clean themselves 'bloody unreal'! Well, a few weeks have passed and they are still going strong. Cheers to the Cactus Clan for a wicked experience and for keeping it Kiwi.


Corey - a bloody happy bloke