An adventure of ridiculous proportions - Josh and Luke's Mongol Rally 2019

An adventure of ridiculous proportions - Josh and Luke's Mongol Rally 2019
Driving 20, 000km in a 1200cc tin can car, across mountains, deserts and the steppe of Europe/Asia dressed in a Penguin suit sounds like an adventure of....ridiculous proportions. But best mates Luke Gardner and Josh Brinkmann’s motto is “life is short, and should be filled with adventure and shenanigans”. So when faced with injuries hampering their usual weekend mountain climbing, hill running, camping and tramping lifestyle, the boys decided entering the great Mongol Rally was the closest thing they could find to an armchair adventure.

Dubbed ‘motoring stupidity on a global scale’, the Mongol Rally has no set route and no backup, it’s just you,‘your rolling turd’ (think crappy $1 reserve, roller skate type car) and one heck of an adventure between London and Mongolia – if you get there. Sound bonkers? The lads from Dunedin certainly hope so. Cruising in a 2006 Suzuki Wagon R for the next two months, Luke and Josh have donned permanent penguin costumes (in 30 degree temps) in order to raise funds for their chosen charities The Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust and Cool Earth. Two amazing trusts doing great work for conservation and our climate.

No international car rally would be complete without the obligatory (multiple) car breakdowns, a dodgy/terrifying border crossing, and near death experiences on the road. If you read the lad’s blog there’s plenty of top gear-esque fodder there.

Josh and Luke also happen to be Cactus Outdoor fans. They’ve made sure to take sticky stick-ster on their trip (see bumper) and Cactus Miklat packs. Josh says “Every day I'm stoked that I've got the Miklat Tramping Pack. It's a great adventuring bag. From day trips climbing mountains in France, to exploring underground towns in Turkey, it holds a good amount and there's always space for the penguin suit.” We’ll keep in touch with the lads as they progress on their journeys.

If you want to read more about their adventures check out their blog here. If you want to donate to their charities please do so here: