Marie works for the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust doing amazing things:

I love my new Cactus Supertrousers! As Wildside Project Coordinator I am often searching for penguins through thick scrub, bush lawyer and stinging nettles as well as crawling over gorse prickles and thistles! My new Cactus pants make my work so much easier and even more enjoyable! I'm actually looking forward to winter so I can go out and get muddy in my Supertrousers.

The Wildside is found on the far South-eastern corner of Banks Peninsula and while it is only an hour’s drive from Christchurch City it is like a whole different world of outstanding beauty, containing many rare and threatened plants, animals and habitats.

Established over 25 years ago, the Wildside Project covers 13,500ha and is a collaboration between private landowners and government environmental agencies, coordinated by the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust. The Wildside Project is dedicated to the defence of our special creatures who make this place their home.

Predator trapping is our core activity and is absolutely vital to keep predators from wiping out little blue penguins and yellow-eyed penguin chicks that are defenceless against wild cats, ferrets and stoats. Sooty Shearwater/Titi are at their last remaining mainland colony in Canterbury and as they are burrowing seabirds they are vulnerable in the nest to stoats and rats.

You can make a donation to help Marie & the BPCT protect your beloved wildlife, with it they will purchase new traps to ensure that our efforts are as effective as possible in catching these destructive predators. Here's a link: