Cactus acquires Albion

Cactus acquires Albion

Christchurch, 9 July 2019

Cactus Outdoor, the Kiwi brand that manufactures the world’s toughest workwear and outdoor products, today announced that it has acquired Albion Clothing Limited, one of the few remaining large-scale apparel manufacturers in New Zealand.

With this acquisition, Cactus will have the scale and technology to maintain and grow the scale of apparel manufacturing in New Zealand. The demand for locally and ethically manufactured apparel is huge and the business has already had significant interest from other brands looking to return all or part of their manufacturing here.

“We have, over the past 25-plus years, been staunch advocates of local manufacturing and maintained our local focus in spite of the reducing size of the domestic apparel sector,” commented Ben Kepes, majority shareholder and director of Cactus Outdoor. “We have always believed that market trends, technological developments and a consumer focus on provenance means that a brand can successfully retain domestic manufacturing. This acquisition gives Cactus the scope to scale its own operation, and we are also proud to offer contract manufacturing services to other brands that want to offer their own customers a locally sourced, ethically produced and high-quality product.”

Commenting on the news, Ryan Jennings, Executive Director of Buy NZ Made said that “This is a clear win for New Zealand. The acquisition of one Kiwi brand by another and the successful retention of domestic manufacturing shows what’s possible when businesses collaborate in hyper-competitive industries.”

Albion Clothing was established in 1977 by the late George Steele and has a proud history of manufacturing high-quality garments for some of the toughest customers including the New Zealand Defence Force, Fire and Emergency New Zealand and the New Zealand Police. Cactus is committed to continuing the long legacy of Albion Clothing and will continue to call on public and private sector organizations to support local employment and chose to “Buy NZ made.”

Rather than a traditional model, however, Cactus has a vision of a modern, automated and connected facility that combines the best aspects of hand-made, artisanal products with the benefits that technology can bring. A recently installed robotic fabric cutter is an example of this, allowing for quicker, more efficient and safer cutting.

About Cactus Outdoor

Cactus Outdoor is a 26-year-young manufacturer of extraordinarily dependable outdoor gear, workwear and clothing. Manufactured in New Zealand, Cactus products are crafted to the highest quality, and purposefully designed to include all the features that are important and none that are superfluous. Above all, Cactus products are more durable than anything else in the marketplace.

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