This summer Nigel spent a month living and working at King Edward Point on the island of South Georgia one of the most isolated places in the world, the climate is extremely harsh and the landscape is inhospitable but also magnificent. Nigel very kindly took the time to write to us to tell us about it:

The Allardyce range which dominates the interior of the island contains several towering peaks including Mount sugar-top and Mount Paget which at almost 3000 meters is the tallest peak on the island. This along with dozens of extensive glaciers such as the Neumayer and Nordenskjöld glaciers which sweep down the into the bays and inlets that cluster along the coast makes this island a wonder of the natural world.

Not only is the landscape incredibly beautiful but the island is an important breeding site for Albatross, petrel and penguin population and also Antarctic fur seals and elephant seals, some 3 million Antarctic fur seals make South Georgia there home during the summer months.

I was working for a New Zealand based company called Indigena Biosecurity International which has the contract for the control of invasive plants on the island, these include grasses and herbaceous plants some introduced from the Falklands 1,550 kilometres away.

While working on the contract I was able to visit many amazing places on the island not only many of the beaches, glaciers and coastlines but also the remnants of the whaling stations, which made this isolated island a huge industrial centre while they were open and making money for there owners.

Now the workers that ran these stations have disappeared along with the whales that once swam in these waters, leaving only the rusting remnants and industrial wreckage behind.

While I was there I was comfortable wearing a pair of Trade plus Supertrousers and Cactus collared jacket and was able to pack the gear needed for the days work in a Cactus Miklat backpack.

All the Cactus gear I brought with me I found to be stylish, hardwearing and most importantly warm, the Supertrousers, in particular, were great at keeping out the wind and light to moderate rain a big plus in a place like South Georgia!

The collared jacket was perfect for both work purposes and also relaxing after work with its comfortable but practical look and minimalist functional design.

All in all the Cactus gear lived up to its reputation as durable, practical outdoor gear, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in them for work or play.