Customer service

We've decided to make better use of our blog here at Cactus... sure, we'll still post cool user stories, adventures, photos, news and general Cactus shenanigans but we thought we'd also start sharing user enquiries, questions, product issues, ideas and feedback.

Being a small NZ company we take all customer contact very personally and seriously. This is a huge advantage to being small - we can actually take on board new ideas, make alterations and do repairs to make your Cactus gear last as long as possible.

This will be a handy 'go to' place if you have queries - as we often get the same question pop up repeatedly.

A common query is whether a product repair will come under warranty or not. We warranty our products for faulty materials or workpersonship for the life of the product. If you have a warranty enquiry there are two options. Both require your product to be scrupulously, meticulously, immaculately clean. Our staff will not touch them otherwise and our precision machinery hates dirt so we'll have to send them back to you to be cleaned if your items turn up dirty...

You can come in and see us at 90 Fitzgerald Ave in Christchurch or you can give us a call on 0800 122 682 or email. In either case, we'll assess the product, determine if it is a warranty issue and either perform the repair or contact you to discuss the options.

Sometimes the product issue will be due to wear and tear, but sometimes it is a manufacturing fault - after all, we do use humans to make these products. You'll be shocked to know that even Cactus isn't always perfect.

Here's an example. Adrian sent this message:

"I brought a pair of the Trade shorts last week and wore them today for the first time. I just noticed that the stitching above the zip is all coming undone. I have attached some photos of the affected area."

In response, we simply got Adrian to send the shorts back to perform a repair. These shorts have been brought back to life!

In general, Cactus gear shouldn't fail and we stand by our guarantee that it won't. If a product does get a hole from punching a nail gun in the wrong place or gets worn down by general wear and tear, we still love to help out. There's nothing worse than saying goodbye to your favourite pair of pants. We (our amazing machinists) can repair garments to breath new life into them quickly and easily so make sure you get in touch before giving up on your favourite Cactus gear!