Day 15: Beautiful walk on the West Coast Wilderness Trail for Mother’s Day with wife, daughter, and mum! Frame ceiling in west bedroom.

Day 16: Removed hearth below floor line from old fireplace in south bedroom for access to front end of house for insulation and plumbing. Started on laundry. Pulled up floorboards.

Day 17: Replaced a couple of piles in the laundry, leveled floor.

Day 18: Replaced joists and bearer in laundry. Sprung a leak in a very old pipe. No water for the day.

Day 19: Replaced a few rotten studs. No water for most of the day.

Day 20: Moved all laundry appliances to bathroom. Plumber came. We have water again but washer not working. 100 more days to go.

Day 21: Tree planting and tidy up outside. Fixed problem with washer.

Week 4

Day 22: Chopped up kindling. Got rid of more bricks: Someone wanted old bricks to make a pizza oven. Happy they went to a good home.

Day 23: Laid plastic and installed insulation under two bedrooms.

Day 24: Laid plastic and installed insulation under third bedroom and living room. Fixed sink… oops. While under house discovered the kitchen sink drain/pipe didn’t connect so sink was draining onto ground under house. Had been wondering why it was so wet under the house.

Day 25: VERY SORE. Feeling a need to do casual work for awhile. Tried to fix printer. Bought new printer. Tidied up construction zone a bit. Arranged replacement weatherboards.

Day 26: Replaced window in west bedroom. Prep west bedroom for GIB. Replaced window in laundry. Arranged installation of fireplace.

Day 27: Move bedroom from lounge into north bedroom. Sent wife to Nelson to pick up D/G windows. Removed hearth below joists. Removed door in living room. Removed firepit outside Arranged tounge/grove flooring. Got cement mixer.

Day 28: Dug out bamboo roots. Lowered old fireplace to ground level. Fixed a couple piles. Dug big sandpit on west side of house.

Week 5

Day 29: Acquired large Rimu beams from a friend.

Day 30: Framed up ceilings in west bedroom and living room. Changed kitchen around. Still pondering about the kitchen. Drove to Hari Hari for timber.

Day 31: Frame flue space in living room. Install insulation and GIB ceilings in lounge and west bedroom.

Day 32: Patchd floor in living room where fireplace used to be. Arranged plumber. Framed up hearth for new fireplace. Timber from Nelson arrived.

Day 33: Poured cement for new hearth. Picked up new fireplace from Mitre 10.

Day 34/35: Heaps of family in town and wife very sick equals not much time to work but plenty of time to ponder next steps.