If you've had your Mountain Jacket for decades (or even one heavy use season), it might be looking like it's in need of some TLC. To make sure your Mountain Jacket, Lifties or other waterproof/breathable product lasts, stays being waterproof/breathable and continues to perform at it's best, give it a wash every now and then. Dirt, smoke, body oils and other residues can clog waterproof breathable pores and inhibit breathability.

Also, our Mountain Jackets and Lifties are treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) to aid in waterproofing. A build-up of residue on the fabric surface will prevent this coating from performing causing the garment to “wet-out.” Removing those residues by washing improves the garment’s performance.

We wouldn't recommend using any old washing powder/soaps as they can leave a residue, preventing the DWR from working or clog the breathable pores. We sell a product called ReviveX Pro-Cleaner which is awesome.


• Close all tabs, velcro and zippers. We recommend washing items separately.

• Apply cleaner directly to embedded stains. Gently scrub with a bristle brush. Repeat as needed.

• Select delicate/gentle cycle, warm water and load size (most likely low since technical garments are typically washed individually).

• Add 3 capfuls ReviveX Pro Cleaner to wash.

• Run the wash cycle and rinse twice.

• Dry as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Before drying, you can apply ReviveX DWR Spray help restore the DWR, although many times it is simply not necessary. Sometimes, all the garment really needs is a good cleaning with a clean-rinsing detergent. Once you have rinsed those residues clean, you can usually place the garment in the dryer and the heat will help reactivate the DWR coating.