#myslice - Local Places to Love - Emily's Picks

#myslice - Local Places to Love - Emily's Picks

Emily's Slice - Local Places to love.

Where do you live? 

At my mum’s place in Christchurch (thanks Mitch!!).  Normally, I spend my time between Wanaka and the Northern hemisphere but this year I’ve returned to Canterbury, where I grew up, and will be living and working up in the beech forest in the Craigieburn range.

What's awesome about your slice of NZ?

What’s not to love about NZ?!  New Zealand is the birth place of the mediocre activities guy/gal. You can go skiing, biking, climbing, surfing, diving, flying and so so much more... and you can do these activities (to an amazingly mediocre level) almost year round, or even all in the same day. I love going straight from ski boots into jandals throughout the winter.

Aotearoa is full of these great people who love to recreate the outdoors, most of whom also have a great respect for it and are working hard to keep it that way!

Favourite local ski ski field? 

That is such a tough call as each place has its own personality thanks to the different terrain and the characters who hang out there.

I would have to say Craigieburn. It has some killer terrain and Cassels on tap! My grandfather was involved in starting the ski area, and I have memories of family trips, time at the batch with friends, and lots of good skiing up there. 

I like explaining to friends from overseas what a nutcracker is, and that the tows run off tractors, and seeing their amazement at the Kiwi ingenuity, hard work and passion for skiing that got these club fields going and keeps them running today.

Best day on any NZ skifield to date?

Did you say best date?!  I went on an amazing first date where we skied the Grand Couloir of the Remarkables in 30cm or so of new snow... that stands out as a highlight.  

Honestly though, toss up between a control morning at Treble Cone and a t-shirt ski day skiing spring corn at Craigieburn....

What's on the explore NZ bucket list? 

-another trip to Mountainhut.nz

-biking in the Redwoods

-biking the Paparoa Track

-lots of missions in Fiordland

-some skiing in the Kaikoura mountain ranges

-Rakiura (Stewart Island)

-learning how to sail... 

I’ve also got some big peaks on this list that I really want to ski off, but might end up staring at them for years until the conditions are right.

Your local ski shack?  

Small Planet (Queenstown). The vibe in this store is second-to-none and the staff actually creep around the backcountry a fair bit so they do know what they’re talking about. Even if you don’t need any new gear it’s worth stopping in for a read of Darryl’s signs or a laugh with the crew behind the counter. 

Apres ski locay?  

I am a recent convert to the faith of both the Brown and the Blue. However, the real pride of the South (and where you’ll find something a little hazier) is at either Altitude Brewery or Rhyme and Reason. 

The crew at RnR have even enlisted some local Ski Patrol mahi (nice work Jessy) in brewing up the ‘Fruitie Patootie’ which is such a treat!

NZ snack you always take in your lunchbox?

Mitch’s homemade dried feijoa chips! I would take these with me all over the world if I could. I also recently sampled some of Jess Hotter’s delicious homemade pear and raspberry fruit leather.... I’d pay good money for some more of that! 

I make most of my own snacks or just eat fresh fruit, veges and scroggin. I’m a big anti-plastic warrior so anything I can buy that doesn’t come in a wrapper. 

I also detest single use coffee cups so I always make sure I have a cup/jar/mug handy.

Cactus item you couldn't be without?

The patrol pack of course. 

Outstanding, thanks Emily!