#myslice - Local Places to Love - Mat's Picks

#myslice - Local Places to Love - Mat's Picks
MAT Island Bay, Wellington
What’s awesome about your slice of NZ: The lush NZ bush and miles of single track right from my letterbox.
Best local tracks: I’m in love with all the goodness at Polhill at the moment. Being right on the fence line of Zelandia the bird life is insane, saddlebacks, kaka, tui the list goes on along with the flow tracks it’s hard to wipe the smile of your face.
Favourite NZ track: Heaphy track return from the Karamea side. This has everything coastal / bush and isolation.
Next NZ trail on the bucket list: Paparoa track. We are so lucky to call NZ home, our whole country is pretty special.
Favourite bike shop: any YETI NZ dealer across the country.
Best coffee stop: any one who sells Supreme coffee:)
Best post-ride brew stop: 91 Aro - Garage Project.
Best post-ride kai: Beach House Kiosk.