#myslice - Local Places to Love - Mike's Picks

#myslice - Local Places to Love - Mike's Picks

What's awesome about your slice of NZ?  Wanaka has just about every outdoor activity you could ask for on its doorstep. What more could you ask for?

Favourite local ski field? Treble Cone

Best day on any NZ ski field to date? In recent memory - 21st August 2019. 'The perfect storm' up at Treble Cone. 50cm fell overnight, cold, dry and no wind. For those who know, 99% of the time, TC usually stagger opening of their terrain due to avalanche path control work. This was the 1%  when everything was open at 9am with no crowds.

What's on the 'explore NZ' bucket list? Shamefully, I’ve still never made it to Temple Basin. That’s high on my list. Maybe Splitfest this year.
Your local ski shack? BaseNZ in Wanaka and Queenstown. Good gear, great service and if you’re nice enough, they may even give you a beer from the hidden keg out back.

Apres ski locay? B.Social in Wanaka. Local craft beer made on location with a great atmosphere and tasty Apres snacks too.

NZ snack you always take in your lunchbox? That does depend. If I’m just resort riding I’m a OSM kind of guy. If I’m on my splitboard then you’ll always find me with a stick of salami!

Cactus item you couldn't be without? Patrol Pack! The perfect pack for everything from day trips to overnight missions. I can fit a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, down jacket, two days of food and avalanche safety equipment in there no problem.