#myslice - Local Places to Love Stevo's Picks

#myslice - Local Places to Love Stevo's Picks

STEVO - Arthur's Pass (during NZ Winters).

What's awesome about your slice of NZ? It's ever so slightly unique and The Otira Hotel is just down the road.

Favourite local ski field? Temple Basin Ski Area.

Best day on any NZ ski field to date? Any day during some of my earlier winters in 95, 96, or 97 with The Otira Hardcore kicking about, the T.H.C. days may possibly stand out more than all the others.  

What's on the explore NZ list? More Powder Day's and visits to Ohau Snowfields. 

Your local ski shack? Ski and Snowboard Surgery in Tower Junction Christchurch, pick up your fresh tune on a Friday and take down some beers to enjoy with Hampi and Alex.    

Apres ski locay? Palmer Lodge Deck at Broken River Ski Area or The Three Boy's Brewery on Ferry Road in Christchurch.

NZ snack you always take in your lunchbox? Now that it's brewed in a can Three Boys IPA and Jock Sutherlands Wild Venison Sausages made up by North Canterbury Home Kill Services.

Cactus item you couldn't be without? Dreadnought HDs.  Nothing can keep snow out of your boots like they do when you are boot packing in powder or skiing all day.

Photo Cred: Steve Eastwood (C) Taichiro Naka.