New Cactus NZ-made marketing strategy

New Cactus NZ-made marketing strategy

We've been doing it all wrong.

For 25 years we've been making Cactus products in NZ. But thanks to recent news stories about World and their NZ-made swingtags, we've made the startling realisation that you don't need to actually make your stuff in NZ to market it as NZ-made... all you need is a magic swingtag, with 'Made in New Zealand' written on it in French! Of course! French. Why didn't someone tell us this already?

So, we've found a few products around the Cactus office that are up for sale as genuine, NZ-made merchandise if anyone's interested…

Genuine NZ-made Feijoa iMac.

Running macOSTararuas 10.6.2

3.6 KZ7.


NZ made microwave

Panasonic Billy-Boiler.

All the microwaves that operate in this machine are 100% made in NZ. (Unless you take it overseas).

Made in Waimatuku.


NZ made Honda

Honda Massey Ferguson. 2-wheeled version.

Perfect for ploughing donuts into any Upper Hutt cul-de-sac.

Assembled by engineering students from Katikati Kindergarten.


nz made boombox


Thundering bass from 700watt subwoofing speakers.

'True Colours' by Split Enz CD stuck in the player.

'Skip/Search', Memory' and 'Surround' written on it.

Made in Taupo.


nz made rob


We thought he was from another planet. But this swingtag proves us wrong.

Made in Newtown, Wellington.

Not actually for sale, sorry.