Psyfari Festival or Cactus expo?

Psyfari Festival or Cactus expo?

Miki who works behind the scenes for the Psyfari Festival in Aussie wrote in with this cracka story:

Boy, do we have a story for you. The story of how Cactus became the predominant clothing worn by the production crew of the Psyfari Festival. Psyfari is a terrific outdoor music and lifestyle festival in the middle of the Australian bush at the Capertee Valley. If you haven't heard of Psyfari, check out

We do all of the lighting and sound for the festival.
Anyway, fun story. Many years ago we went to our first festival and found it was bloody cold. Freezing. We were unprepared. The next year, one of our friends Crusty the Builder comes and we are all comparing the different preparations we had made to be warmer. Nothing worked anywhere near as well as his original 8oz Supertrousers. I was converted and got my first pair of Supertrousers not long after. Fast forward a few years and Crusty is moving up in the world and doing lighting and sound for events. I would help him out occasionally. By then he and I both had found the WK tradies and essentially lived (and still live) in them. Last year, when we were setting up Psyfari, people would comment on how good our pants seemed to work and we extolled their virtues (in the interim, I have branched out into Cactus packs and Crusty has been working his way through the Canvas Jacket and the Mountain Jacket - fun fact: Crusty's canvas jacket has a hole from a laser we need patched at some stage).
Afterwards, lots of people ordered Cactus, so this year's Psyfari looked like a Cactus expo. At one point, Crusty and I were running the lighting, lasers and sound for some international DJs in the operations tent of the main stage in subzero temperatures, by which point Crusty had on his slate WK Trades and the Mountain Jacket and I was in my new brown trades and something else, and we looked at each other and both went "can you imagine how this would be if we didn't have Cactus gear?"

Anyway, long story short we got through it but love out Cactus gear, as does the team. In the photo (not all of the production crew) there are 13 items of Cactus clothing... bet you can't find them all!

Anyway, love your work, hope you liked the story. Keep making amazing gear.