Week: 8

Day 50: Return from Nelson with more timber and a picnic table I made in the fall.

Day 51: Replace bathroom window. Ripped out bathroom lining. Hot water cylinder arrived. DOC came to remove pampas.

Day 52: DOC removed more pampas. Friends chopped wood and pulled nails out of the ceiling and bathroom. Replaced bathroom and laundry walls.

Day 53: Hot water cylinder installed. Laundry set to gib. Wrapped up the work from the weekend.

Day 54: Wetback hooked up. The electrician ran wires in laundry and bathroom. Old hot water cylinder removed.

Day 55: Measured up and arranged the new roof. Lots of rain, flooding in Hokitika. Umbrella/rain jacket required in the living room, wheelbarrow and multiple buckets catching water in the living room. Weatherproofed outside walls. Hot water cylinder filled up, now have hot water but no shower or bath.

Day 56: Bathroom floor down. Laundry ready to gib.

Week 9

Day 57: Fixed the kitchen floor. Fixed west kitchen wall, more contemplation of kitchen layout. Fix roof on another house after heavy rains in Hokitika

Days 58-61: Tramping with Tai Poutini polytechnic on the Mole tops.

Day 62: Focused on the bathroom, the plumber has been while I was away. Figured out the shower. Friends came around, continued digging out porch area and landscaping. Enjoyed sunshine.

Day 63: Leveled bathroom wall for the shower, picked up shower and got it ready to install.