That's a wrap. Cactus at Fieldays 2023.

That's a wrap. Cactus at Fieldays 2023.
While many brands might say it, here at Cactus we genuinely think of our customers not as customers, but as part of our tribe. It is for this reason that we welcome visitors to our Christchurch factory, and love getting out and meeting people face to face.
Spending four days at Fieldays was an awesome opportunity to do just that. And when we say "we" meet our customers where they are, we mean just that.
For us, it's not about hiring some kids from Student Job Search and asking them to go sell as much shit as possible, rather it's about taking as many people who matter. Two of our four owners, our GM, our designer, and a couple of lads who are the second generation of this family business - all made the long hike from Christchurch to Hamilton for the week.

And what a week it was - it's incredibly humbling to have so many people come and yarn. From guys like Steve and Mal (above) who have been Cactus friends for decades, to new people like Andrew who came over for a yarn, but left as a confirmed friend (looking forward to seeing you at the factory in a few months, and for anyone who is looking for a chiller, give him a bell here: One Shot Chillers in Feilding.)

Oh, and a shout out to Patsy and Shane from Reefton Distilling Company who were there giving folks a chance to taste their awesome gin.

Fieldays is an iconic event in New Zealand, and everyone should head there at least once - we will certainly be back next year and are already looking forward to seeing our friends, new and old, at the event.