The story of Paddy, Henry and Little Brown Kiwi

The story of Paddy, Henry and Little Brown Kiwi

Earlier this year we had a crack up dob in from Paddy. It went something like this: "My business partner Henry from Little Brown Kiwi is Cactus Hardcore! The bro LOVES your gear - from trousers to work shirts, T-shirts to caps. Not mention bags - back packs, satchels, little zip ones he keeps his tooth brush in. He loves a good Cactus sticker and many of them adorn his vehicles, drink bottles, and helmets. I wouldn't be surprised if he rolls into to work one day proudly displaying a Cactus tattoo! Oh, and he's a top bloke. Father, LandSAR volunteer, teacher and outdoor enthusiast. If you're after a Cactus legend... this dude fits the bill! Cheers, Paddy"

To that Henry replies: "HA! What a classic Paddy move". We speak to the legendary Henry and discover all of the above is true...minus the tattoo part. With summer slowly making an entrance we also asked Henry for his favourite summer adventure spot. Paddy it looks like it's your shout this week.

Tell us a little more about Little Brown Kiwi

Little Brown Kiwi designs and delivers adventure education experiences all across New Zealand for both international and local schools. Epic expeditions, engaging cultural exchange and commitment to environmental service are at the heart of what we do. We are trained teachers, and there is a focus on experiential education throughout each adventure.

Paddy tells us you are head to toe in Cactus. What gears are your favourites?

I regularly use a mountain jacket, a few pairs of supertrousers, a range of BBBs, a ‘Miklat' (perfect for world travel), a ‘Henry' (awesome MTB backpack), a couple of shirts and my dogs also enjoy their mongrel mat!

Why do you like Cactus gear?

I love Cactus gear because it is so robust. You can confidently transition between a blizzard at 2000 metres to drinking a Chai Latte at the local cafe with no problem at all!

Favourite Summer Spot?

One of my favourite places for an adventure is Lake Waikaremoana and Te Urewera. It is a spectacular natural environment and the people are so passionate about the land and water. Last summer we worked with a Duke of Edinburgh group from Sydney and they were blown away by the whole experience. Thanks Henry, Paddy and Little Brown Kiwi for inspiring our youth to explore, adventure and play in beautiful Aoetearoa. Legends.