This is Liv & Kurt. A few years ago they decided to buy a block of land in the Rai Valley and spend all of their spare time building mountain bike tracks. People told them it would be hard and they weren't wrong... but it hasn't stopped them - they love it. They've called it the R(a)ide Project.

The idea is that the property is to serve three main purposes: to grow trees, harvest and use as firewood, showcase Kurt’s trail building skills (he's damn good at it) and long term potentially open the tracks to the public.

The dream is to have biking events and make a fabulous lodge and huts for people to stay in (kind of like a club ski-field vibe) and to one day provide the Rai Valley with a new vibrant business that will hopefully have a down-stream effect for the community. While doing this Liv & Kurt hope to regenerate the native bush and control the pests and develop the properties off-the-grid infrastructure (water/power etc).

But with the big vision aside, it's really just a sweet place to chill out (get away from cellphone reception) and ride with friends. And did we mention that they live in Cactus gear...