Introducing Henry from WattsCraft, our latest Uncommon Thread.

WattsCraft began in 2014 with two brothers hankering for a little jet boat to venture in to New Zealand's mountains. Like many Kiwis they had neither the means or the inclination to buy one off the shelf.

They designed a boat from scratch and then a couple more. Now Henry has a range of little aluminium boat kit-sets and specialist parts to choose from.

Like Cactus, Wattscraft was born out of a passion and a can-do attitude and the desire to make high-quality products that have been crafted with care to include all the features that are important, nothing superfluous and, above all, that are more durable than anything out there in the marketplace. WattsCraft specialises in designing very small high-performance river jet boats. Careful attention is taken to several attributes which are particularity important in small boats.

With a background in environmental engineering, chemical & process engineering and boat building he's chosen to use his skills to do something different, something he loves doing - and although at the moment takes up most of his time, hopes to reduce his hours to suit his lifestyle while remaining a small one-man-band.

Enjoy the video and if you want to find out more about WattsCraft, check out the website here.