Why do Cactus Day Packs last for decades?

Why do Cactus Day Packs last for decades?

We challenged Rob at our Christchurch store to give us the 'skinny' on why people get 'years of wears' out of Cactus day packs.

For those of you who know Rob - 30 seconds was impossible - so enjoy the 55.

Pack Shoulder Straps/Compression straps
Cactus day packs are well loved as school bags, day walk packs or a chuck-everything-in-and-head-up-the-hills kind of packs.  The shoulder straps and compression straps are sewn and constructed to NEVER pull out no matter what the weight enclosed.  Now, we can't give away all our secrets of how we do this exactly, but we are so confident our shoulder straps are tough as that we offer a no worries warranty for the full lifetime of the bag.

Clean, straight, heavy duty zips in our day packs are constructed to be straight and no fail.

Internally everything is bound to protect the main line of stitching in the bag.  This means stuff can be chucked in your bag for years on end without getting anywhere near the main structural seam.

Our Vacuole, Portal, Sedition, Henry and Zero packs are well loved day packs and well known for their longevity.  Time after time we hear stories of multi-generational Cactus backpack usage - and this totally stokes us because that after all, is what they've been lovingly crafted right here in NZ to do.