Thanks again for all the epic stories we've got rolling in about how your Cactus gears have given you 'Years of Wears'.  The way we see it - you'll spend a little more up front to get you the best return on investment and a little more coinage in the long run for your ski/craft beer/adventure fund.


Congrats to Ali & Julie Riley for their winning stupendous years of wears entry. 
Cheers Riley's. 

"This Moonunit Cactus bag has had an interesting, exciting and colourful life to date - beginning its life in 2000 as a Christmas gift, spending its first days of life at Moeraki Camping Ground, Otago.
To become a schoolbag, in daily use through primary and secondary schools, Waitaki Girls - riding the school bus each day, and sometimes missing the school bus altogether!  It had 2 trips to Australia, around this time, and then it lived in Invercargill for a brief stint as a study bag, and then progressed to Otago University in daily use and a constant companion in student life.  After 4 years in Dunedin student life, it then moved on to Cromwell as a lunch bag picking cherries in the hot Central baking sun, and on to Nelson picking and packing apples and pears.

Next it moved to Tonga, and lived here for 3 years, visiting all the outer islands, and cycling to work in Nuku'alofa where it first dabbled in diplomacy.  Now it met its co-owner in Tonga, and returned to Wellington, hanging out at many festivals and accompanying many road trips throughout NZ on holidays, and in daily use again as a lunchbag accompanying furniture removals trucks throughout Wellington.  Several short trips to Tonga and Apia, Samoa, it brought back many Island treasures.

In 2019 the bag went to Timor Leste, opting for some South East Asian travel, and a return to diplomatic life. Here it enjoyed lots of off-roading, waterfall walks in the intense heat, walking to the Jesus statue at Cristo Rei, in Dili.  It carried luggage to primitive grass huts of Auturo Island, Timor.

From here the bag had holidays in Thailand, and Bali Indonesia, celebrating Songkran (Thailand New Year), getting soaked in Koh Phangan Thailand, and several motorbike rides through Balinese and Thai beaches.

Now the bag is back living in Wellington, and for the first time in its life is enjoying semi_retirement from daily use, but still venturing out for road trips and holiday breaks.  Moonunit celebrated its 20th birthday back at Kakanui, Otago for the Christmas break.

This last weekend it ventured to Hanmer Springs for an alpine retreat - and who knows from here on? Plenty of fun times for this bag to come!!"

The Riley's