Years of Wears - The hunt for the oldest and most loved Cactus gear still in use.

Years of Wears - The hunt for the oldest and most loved Cactus gear still in use.

We got all nostalgic recently when we saw Bec wearing a Moonunit. This was one of our earliest bags and had belonged to her Mum before her.

The dream we had in 1992 to create NZ made gear that lasted for yonks was standing there in front of us 20 ish years on and still up to the rigors of day-in and day-out use. 

This got us thinking.  There must be loads of you out there with gear that you paid a bit more for up front but has proven to have an epically low cost over the 'Years of Wears'.  We'd love to hear your stories, check out the competition below.

We are on the hunt for the oldest and most loved Cactus gear still in use.  Tell us your story, send us a pic and we'll show the world how awesome it is to live in the slow (fashion) lane. 

To enter: 

  1. Send us a picture of a Cactus product still going after Years of Wears 
  2. Write us a quick note about the epic adventures with your Cactus relic
  3. Be in to win one of the weekly Cactus cotton Tees (of your choice). 


Here's one to get you started:

I'm writing because I'm a bit excited, and I had to share! Let me explain before this sounds a bit creepy though. 
My partner has had this awesome bag since he started high school. He used it through Uni too (not being one to carry around large books!) and it has travelled around the world several times (as it has been pinched by family members when traveling too, due to it's extreme desirability). It's always his carry on bag and the bag that comes with us on day hikes. It's just so comfy, just the right size, and I suspect it has become a sort of security blanket for him by now.. it has been 22 years! We were out walking this weekend and I decided it was finally time I got one too. A little internet search and I was really, really excited to find that they are made in New Zealand (I should have known - so awesome)!
We think it's an old version of the 'Zero' bag on your website, so I have already registered my email to find out when it's back in stock.
We wanted to send you praise, as 22 years of pretty heavy use is exceptional. You really aren't kidding when you say your bags are durable!
Looking forward to buying my Zero whenever they are back in stock! 
(And I've attached a picture of our much loved, 22 year old bag).
Thanks team,
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