Years of Wears - Tim's 15 year old Supertrousers

Years of Wears - Tim's 15 year old Supertrousers

Thanks again for all the epic stories we've got rolling in about how your Cactus gears have given you 'Years of Wears'.  The way we see it - you'll spend a little more up front to get you the best return on investment and a little more coinage in the long run for your ski/craft beer/adventure fund.


Congrats to Tim Billington for his winning stupendous years of wears entry. 
Cheers Tim. 

"My antelope Cactus Supertrousers started life sometime around 2005 or 2006, and were a pretty big expense at the time. But given they’re still going strong in 2020, they have been amazing value for money!

I initially bought my Supertrousers when I was working in a gear shop in Melbourne – I was looking for a durable all rounder pair of pants that I could wear to work, but also wear on the weekend and all day round (a way to stretch my meager wage without buying too many clothes). The shop I worked in didn’t sell anything suitable, so I ordered in my first Supertrousers.

Since those days, my Cactus pants have done endless trips and spent countless hours being punished. From nights out at the pub, to being my go-to choice of winter pant for rock climbing at Arapiles and around Melbourne. They were my standard ‘expedition travel pant’ for many years, and have traversed the world extensively over the years. Much of this has seen my pants help haul climbing gear out of taxis, into buses, off trains and across countless airport terminals.

These days my antelope Supertrousers aren’t leaving the house as much, and compete for wear time with their friends: Tan Supertrousers and Denim Supertrousers. My original Supertrousers are a little tatty and worn at the hem, and there are more that a few scuffs and oil stains from working in the garage. But they still fit like a glove and have definitely ‘worn in, and not out’ over all these years of use and abuse. No doubt they still have a lot of trips and life left in them yet!"
Tim Billington