Upcycled Collection

Products that are good for people and good for the planet are our jam. These two projects seek to reduce environmental impacts by taking a waste product, which would otherwise be sent to landfill, and repurposing it for a new lifetime of utility.


When one of our crew had the brainwave to re-purpose some old billboards that were destined for landfill into Cactus bags, we didn't think twice. Expertly sewn by the team here in Christchurch, these bags are a unique little slice of upcycled goodness.

Everyday we cut and sew loads of stuff with the much loved Cactus canvas fabric. But what about all the scraps that inevitably create piles in our sewing room? One of our team put on their thinking caps one day and came up with a real thinking cap - the Recap and Recap Shields made from our canvas scraps.