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Extraordinarily durable workwear & equipment, with Pro-Team benefits.

The Cactus Pro-Team is companies and individuals who use Cactus gear for their paid work outdoors. The Pro Team benefits are there to recognise the needs of professionals who rely on Cactus product for their livelihood.

The Pro Team benefits include “trade” pricing, repair and alteration services and access to other special offers from time to time.

Pro-Team users are defined as companies and individuals who use Cactus gear for their work outdoors:

  • LBP/ Registered Master Builder/ Certified Builder, or qualified Trades.
  • Qualified and currently practising outdoor instructors/ guides. Eg. NZOIA, NZQA, NZMGA.
  • Directly involved with Rebuild/ Infrastructure/ Contracting.
  • Environmental management & wildlife protection/ eg. Department of Conservation.
  • Ski patrol & avalanche teams/ Antarctica personnel.
  • Registered or Accredited Adventure Tourism Operators.
  • Agriculture/ rural infrastructure support/ natural resources management.
  • Other qualifying roles/ companies/ organisations at our absolute discretion.

Applications can also be made by personal visit to our Christchurch or Wellington stores.

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Cactus Pro-Team terms and conditions

  • You must have an active account on our website in order to apply and access the Pro Team benefits.

  • Pro Team benefits are offered to qualifying companies and individuals at our discretion. Cactus Outdoor Ltd reserves the right to alter or cancel buying privileges, or make other changes to the scheme without notification, and decline supply.

  • The scheme operates via email and text message. You must provide a valid email address and cellphone # to access scheme benefits. By signing up for Pro Team benefits, you explicitly agree that Cactus Outdoor Ltd may contact you occasionally to provide news and offers directly relevant to the programme. You may unsubscribe from Pro Team news and offers via a link in every e-newsletter.

  • You may leave the Pro Team scheme by contacting:, but you will lose Pro Team benefits.

  • Orders must match approved delivery and/or email records for the registered account.

  • The benefits of the program are for you and your workplace only. Any abuse of the benefits may result in your benefits being cancelled. This is at our discretion.

  • There are certain products within our range on which Pro Team pricing may not always apply.

  • These rates at times may not be redeemed on products that are offered below RRP, or in conjunction with any other deal, offer or coupon code.

  • Physical shipping address required. All orders under subject to our normal freight charges.