Cactus Premium Face Mask
Cactus Premium Face Mask
Cactus Premium Face Mask
Cactus Premium Face Mask

Cactus Premium Face Mask

A highly efficient, portable Face Mask. NOTE: Face Masks may come with a slightly different binding than pictured (the edging of the mask) due to our raw materials in stock.

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NOTE: Face asks may come with a slightly different binding than pictured (the edging of the mask) due to our raw materials in stock.

The Cactus Face Mask

This Face Mask in a nutshell:

  • The woven wool-filter is designed to be more than twice as easy to breathe through than standard masks.
  • The filter media used in the mask filters 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size - for reference, to meet N95 standard, a filter must block 95% of these particles. Our mask therefore exceeds this level by a wide margin).
  • We've designed it to seal snugly around the face for superior protection with an adjustable nose-wire to form a protective seal. 
  • Made in NZ - 100% cotton outer and a NZ woven wool-filter.


    • As mentioned above, the filter is tested in-house to exceed P2/N95 levels.
    • This face mask is reusable but not washable (check care tab for further information).
    • This face mask does not have replaceable filters, but can be used many times - in normal use the filter should outlive the mask itself. However, if it becomes difficult to breathe through the mask, consider the mask clogged and do not continue to use the mask. 
    • Wearing the mask cannot fully remove the risk of infection or contracting a disease.
    • Unfortunately we cannot accept returns for Face Masks for sanitary reasons.
    • This Face Mask is a consumer product. It is not a respirator. It is not a medical device. 

    Middlemore Foundation Partnership:

    For every 4 masks sold, we donate 1 mask to the Middlemore Foundation for a fellow kiwi in need. The Middlemore Foundation fund important initiatives to help those in need in South Auckland. Providing these masks allows the individuals to continue using public transport and helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the community.


    Cactus have teamed up with Lanaco to create a highly efficient, portable Face Mask. We’ve placed Lanaco’s HELIX® woven Filter Media - an innovative natural wool filter - into a soft cotton outer. And voila, protection against harmful particles, pollution, bacteria and virus. The HELIX®Filter Media, scientifically tested within an inch of its life, proves kiwi sheep have got the goods to protect their two legged friends. In fact it’s so good, NASA are currently testing it to protect their space team.


    Care Removing the Mask:

    As with any mask used to filter out germs and viruses, care needs to be taken when removing the mask. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after touching the mask.

    Taking Care of your Mask:

    • Do not wash, spray or immerse your filter with any liquids (natural humidity from breathing is fine).
    • Store below 30 degrees in a dry place. Keep separately in a sealed bag.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not tumble dry.

    Cleaning your Mask:

    • Wipe your mask with a dry/slightly damp cloth BUT do not get the mask soaked.
    • Use santiser or spray on a tissue & then wipe the outer fabrics only.

    Not washable:

    The mask cannot be washed as the filter could be affected. 

    Number of uses: 

    The filter in this mask cannot be replaced. To have a replaceable section would affect the sealing of the mask (and the seal is why it can perform so highly).

    Filter life primarily depends on air conditions, daily user usage (hrs) and rate of breathing. 

    The filter is said to be at the end of its life when it is noticeably harder to breathe through but, with normal use, we expect filters to last the lifetime of the mask.

    Stop using the mask immediately if breathing becomes difficult.


    For hygiene purposes, we’ve had to package these Face Masks in a plastic bag. We’re not fond of this solution and will be looking for other methods, but in the meantime, let’s find as many ways as we can to ensure this bag is not single use.

    Fitting your Cactus Face Mask
    1. Place the face mask to your face
    2. Pull the elastic to a point that it is comfortable but snug (the better the seal on your face, the more effective the mask is)
    3. Tie a knot in the elastic

    Watch this video example:  

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