Do-Gooder Tote Bag
Do-Gooder Tote Bag
Do-Gooder Tote Bag
Do-Gooder Tote Bag
Do-Gooder Tote Bag
Do-Gooder Tote Bag
Do-Gooder Tote Bag
Do-Gooder Tote Bag

Do-Gooder Tote Bag

The Cactus tote bag for taking beers and sausages to the BBQ.

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Meet the Do-Gooder - don’t let it’s simplicity distract you from it’s complete awesomeness!

Here at the Cactus HQ we get our choice of all the packs and bags we sell, and the one the you’ll see us with more than anything else is the Do-Gooder. It started out as reusable shopping bag that would really go the distance, but once we made a few we quickly realised it had far more potential than that.

You’ll see us bring our lunch and office essentials to work in a Do-Gooder, stuffing the roadtrip “get at them while you’re driving” bit and pieces in one, carrying muddy cycling shoes and helmets around, and loading them with beers and sausages when it’s BBQ time. At the farmers market the Do-Gooder makes the other pseudo-eco plastic bag alternatives look disposable.

We wanted Cactus tough, so 12oz C-Canvas was the obvious choice - it’s so tough we carried Jan in it round the office. Your guess as to how much she weighs, but more than Rob (who back when he was a climber referred to his forearms as “Da Boyz”) could carry in one hand! Cactus durability means it’ll last a really long time, and of course it comes with a lifetime warranty even though we doubt you’ll need it. It’s also easily repairable. Yes, long lasting and repairable - that’s all good stuff for the environment we reckon.

  • Super durable and washable proofed European 12oz C-Canvas
  • Deep enough for good carrying capacity
  • Pre-bent straps that stay on your shoulder
  • Internal pocket to make sure your phone/wallet/keys aren't always at the bottom
  • Construction backed by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship
  • Weight: 275 grams
  • Fabric: 12oz Ultra C-Canvas
  • Measurements: 41cm deep (or high whichever way you see it) x 15cm wide x 34cm long (along the zip)
  • Our C-Canvas has a water resistant coating applied to it. To make this last as long as possible we recommend that you don’t wash it in a machine
  • Brush dirt or crusty stuff from the bag once it is dry
  • Hand wash in cold or warm water using mild detergent or pure soap - preferably one that's nice to the earth
  • Drip dry without creases
  • If your veggies do manage to make an escape bid through the bottom of your bag, drop it in to use and we’ll repair it for a small fee

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