Log Carrier
Log Carrier
Log Carrier
Log Carrier
Log Carrier
Log Carrier

Log Carrier

The Cactus Log Carrier - the ultimate winter life hack.

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In the old days, before log carriers, we used to load up an armload of wood, wince at the elbow tendonitis, then drop one bit, bend over awkwardly to pick it up, watch another piece roll off, swear loudly, get stuck by a splinter, get covered in wood chips and dust, get told off for brushing off the jersey onto the carpet indoors … then repeat that whole process three or four times every evening.

Enter the Cactus Log Carrier – a simple, clever, no-fuss solution to the daily task of shifting firewood.

Bring in three armloads at a time (2-4 depending on your arm-span). Dump it in the basket, or lay out on the carrier itself. Save your elbows, save time, save fuss.

Use it to carry all sorts of items – tools, children, hedge-trimmings, a couple of slabs … the list is pretty much endless.

Made Cactus-tough for a lifetime of carrying utility.

  • Made in NZ
  • Tough, 12oz C-Canvas
  • Lifetime warranty on materials and workpersonship
  • Simple, functional, durable
  • 12oz C-Canvas
  • Nylon webbing
  • Weight: 385g

88cm x 52cm