Witness Satchel
Witness Satchel
Witness Satchel
Witness Satchel
Witness Satchel
Witness Satchel

Witness Satchel

A simple shoulder bag for the modern urbanite. 

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A simple shoulder bag for the modern urbanite. Please note - not all colours and sizes available at all times.

We’ve been using lots of our Ultra C-Canvas lately and it’s such a nice fabric we couldn’t resist making a day to-day bag out of it.

Once again the theme with this one is simplicity and durability. Given how varied our customers are we aren’t even going to try and guess what you might want to carry in your Witness, but we’ve designed it to be perfect size for everyday use if you don't like to be burdened with too much excess stuff.

  • The main bag has enough space for a book or two, your iPhone (no doubt), and your lunch
  • The medium Witness will fit most tablets (painkillers or the digital kind) or a small laptop
  • An internal pocket with sections for your wallet, phone, and pens.
  • Easily adjustable shoulder strap
  • Grippin Buckle flap closure - fast, secure and lasts forever
  • Construction backed by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship
  • Sizes: Small or Medium
  • Volumes: 7 litres (Small) and 12 litres (Medium),
  • Weights: 350 grams and 435 grams,
  • Measurements: Small: Base 22 x 12cm, Height 30cm , Top width 35cm  Medium: Base 30 x 13cm, Height 35cm, Top Width 42cm,
  • Fabrics: Ultra C-Canvas, C-1000n6
  • Use mild detergent or pure soap (preferably one that's nice to the earth)
  • Our C-Canvas has a water resistant coating which can shift and discolour through the initial break in period
  • For best results hand wash until broken in, machine washing is fine after this although it will reduce the lifetime of the product
  • Drip dry without creases (it won't take long as the polyester in the fabric doesn't hold much water)
  • Close zips while washing (they'll last longer)
  • If your urban lifestyle gets so exciting that you rip your Witness, send it back to us and we’ll mend it for a small fee
  • If you are still not sure, give us a call or flick us an email

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