Wobbit Satchel
Wobbit Satchel
Wobbit Satchel
Wobbit Satchel
Wobbit Satchel
Wobbit Satchel
Wobbit Satchel
Wobbit Satchel

Wobbit Satchel

A souped-up version of the Cactus Do-Gooder tote.

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It shouldn't take long to figure out where we got the name for this friendly, helpful, simple... and generously proportioned tote. (Sounds just like someone around here).

This is a souped-up version of the ever so popular Cactus Do-gooder. It's the same size and shape but has a zip and shoulder strap. Suddenly you can do so much more with it. Hide away your personals, tip it upside down, ride your bike with it on and stuff it full of tools because the shoulder strap is great for the extra weight. 

The Do-gooder started out as reusable shopping bag that would really go the distance, but once we made a few we quickly realised it had far more potential than that. Add a zip and a strap and we have the Wobbit. 

  • Super durable and washable proofed European 12oz C-Canvas

  • Deep enough for good carrying capacity

  • Seatbelt webbing straps (that's strong!)

  • YKK zip

  • Internal pocket to make sure your phone/wallet/keys aren't always at the bottom

  • Construction backed by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship
The perfect shopping bag, work bag, nappy bag, beach bag, tool bag and pretty much the most ultimate shoulder/tote on the planet. 

  • Weight: 275 grams

  • Fabrics: 12oz European C-Canvas

  • Measurements: 41cm deep (or high whichever way you see it) x 15cm wide x 34cm long (along the zip)
  • Our C-Canvas has a water resistant coating applied to it. To make this last as long as possible we recommend that you don’t wash it in a machine.

  • Brush dirt or crusty stuff from the bag once it is dry

  • Hand wash in cold or warm water using mild detergent or pure soap - preferably one that's nice to the earth

  • Drip dry without creases

  • If your veggies do manage to make an escape bid through the bottom of your bag, drop it in to use and we’ll repair it for a small fee

  • If you are still not sure, give us a call (0800 122 682) or flick us an email

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