This is a great wee write up by Adam, Ranger/Project Manager of the Bream Head Conservation Trust. He's doing awesome work up there and we here at Cactus are proud to help out where we can. Cheers, Adam!

Best gear for the job!

I am very proud to announce a great sponsorship deal between BHCT and the New Zealand owned and operated outdoor equipment company known as Cactus. Those who know me will be well aware of my passion for this gear, it simply is the best gear for the type of work we do on Bream Head, full stop.

Now, before you go thinking this is some type of marketing campaign I can tell you straight up that I was not forced into this, nor am I making any extra money out of it (I’m not on commission lol). It’s just when you find a good thing you want to share it with others, and the other great thing about this gear that is close to my heart is that it is NZ designed and made in Christchurch!! In the photo you will see a pair of brown Trade Supershorts on the car, I have been wearing those shorts nearly every day for two and a half years whilst climbing and sliding around the rocks, gravel and trees of Bream Head! I have also worn them throughout the building of my house during this time, and they are still in working order!! I know for a fact from previous experience that I would have gone through four to six pairs of cheaper shorts in that time doing that kind of work. The Supershorts are made from great “good old” materials like 12oz canvas that repels water and stops most of that darn gorse getting through.

As part of the deal, Cactus has provided the rangers with a pair of their incredibly durable Supershorts and very good pricing on all other equipment for the rangers and the Trust’s field volunteers. The BHCT rangers also have great Cactus backpacks (the Trust paid for these) and as you can see in the photo I also use Cactus Instigaiters and I have a great 12oz canvas broad-brimmed hat (Gold Digger) which actually keeps the water off and the sun out. Cactus also offers a repair service on most of their gear (a fee may apply).

Check out some of the work the Bream Head Conservation Trust does here.