Cactus for the Whole Crew

Gear for businesses

Whether you're looking to kit out a few staff or work in procurement for a government organisation, Cactus is able to help. We offer uniform solutions for businesses in numerous industries, as well as branding & customization services. With decades of experience, our expert team would love to help kit your staff out with some Cactus gear! 

We offer discounted pricing on bulk purchases, as well as looking after all of your screen-printing and embroidery requirements. Our own manufacturing plant in Christchurch gives us the ability to customize your look and make minor changes if required (dependent on minimum order quantities). 

Interested in setting your team up with some Cactus kit?

Check out our commercial product catalogue here.

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"Our ability to work with Cactus and make modifications that meet the needs of our team has been great and this has been important for us to make sure they have the best equipment to do their jobs. From the vests with multiple pockets and harness access to the lifties knee pads everything has met its purpose and keeps our team warm and dry during the toughest of conditions."

Sarah Webster, Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL)

"What we love about Cactus gear is how long it lasts, and knowing that it’s made right here in Christchurch.

Our favourite Cactus product is the Canvas Down Jacket - a standard puffer jacket would just fall to pieces within the first day, but the Cactus ones seem to last and last and last. We need that dependability with the work we do."

Forbes Kershaw, Kershaw Construction

"We found working with Cactus an awesome and outstanding experience. Nothing was a problem and everything delivered on time to a very high standard. We love Cactus products because they are exceptionally high quality, built to withstand the test of time. The fact that they are made locally is a huge positive for Orion as we are all about supporting our local businesses. Orion admire the Cactus principles at the core of their design development and their ethical construction. The staff at Orion wear their Cactus jackets with pride, thanks Cactus."

Pip Joker, Orion

“When we decided to thank our customers with a gift pack to go with each machine delivery, we chose Cactus because they are a New Zealand company renowned for their craftsmanship and durable products. After looking at nameless and generic bags from promotional companies we decided to align ourselves with a New Zealand made product, and with a company who, like us, values and prides themselves with a quality product. The Big Burly Bag was a perfect choice. We have received several compliments and thank-you’s from our customers.”

Cindy Posimani, Howick Ltd

Hybrid sourcing

Furthermore, with supply agreements across a wide variety of first and third-party suppliers both domestically in New Zealand and internationally, Cactus offers hybrid sourcing. 

In short this means that your team and leaders can make procurement decisions based on the nature and values of your business.

What does hybrid sourcing mean? Well, to put it simply, we can make your Cactus gear in New Zealand (through our Christchurch-based factory) or, through our partner-factories offshore.

The same garment, same fabric and same construction methods, just made outside New Zealand. 

Feel free to reach out directly if this is of interest to you.