30 Years of Cactus

It was way back in 1992 that Gwilym sewed the first ever Cactus label onto a chalk bag, and this wee Kiwi business was born. And now here we are, so many years later, still sewing Cactus labels onto stuff.

We've moved out of Gwilym's bedroom, and into a proper, grown-up factory in Christchurch, with 100-odd staff, a range of packs and apparel, and a growing base of good-sort customers who see things a bit like we do – recognising the value in high-quality gear, made well, by good people. 

Some things have changed: Gwilym now lives down in Wanaka and isn't involved day-to-day and Chris was so excited being on our board that he decided to invest in the business as well, but some things remain the same: We're proud that we've stuck to our guns and are still making gear with the same ethos Gwilym had all those years ago - functional, simple products crafted with care that are, above all else, more durable than anything else out there.

Thanks for being part of making this Cactus thing what it is – here's to the next 30+ years.

–Cheers, Gwilym, Rob, Chris, Ben, and all the rest of the Cactus crew.