Cactus x RealNZ

Cactus x RealNZ

We are lucky enough to come from the most beautiful place on earth.

We take our role seriously in helping keep it beautiful and helping folks enjoy its beauty. We're always keen to work with like-minded organisations who are also focused on keeping New Zealand beautiful and helping others tread lightly as they experience what we have.

So, we're stoked to be working with RealNZ. RealNZ run a heap of different visitor experience products around the country, but fundamentally they're all about making sure that New Zealand stays beautiful and that we conserve the country as we enjoy what it has to offer.

When RealNZ were looking for some new uniforms for their staff, they had lots of options, but were drawn to a small, locally owned organisation that is 100% focused on being good to people and the planet.

Seemed like a logical thing for them to come and talk to us...

Their team made a conscious decision to procure Cactus gear that was solely made here in NZ. We make a fair chunk of our products here in Christchurch, but also use a network of other factories in New Zealand and elsewhere. This gives us the ability to deliver what customers want and need - if they have a particular requirement for 100% New Zealand made, we're happy to deliver that for them.

Today we're stoked to share our work with RealNZ - if you're down in Fiordland and want to explore its beauty, check out what they have on offer and make sure you pack your Cactus Rain Jacket!