Meet Kagan, the AKL Store Manager

Meet Kagan, the AKL Store Manager

So, Kagan, tell us about ya'self...

Originally, I was lynched from a small NZ beach town called Mangawhai Heads, NOT Auckland just to be clear! I call Auckland home now, and you know, it’s not bad.

I got married at the start of this year, I have a house and 2 dogs. One dog for mountain biking, and a new one hopefully for duck shooting!

Which Cactus product would you describe yourself as, and why?

I'd like to say the Love Bundle, but I'm probably a Big Burly Bag. The small size through because I like to go on short, fun missions, I travel light, and well… I’m not that big!

What do you do for fun?

The snow is my number 1. But anything outdoors, I just can’t sit on a couch for long.

What's your favourite Cactus product, and why?

I just got a pair of the CNC Slim Supertrousers and they're so comfortable.

What is your first post-lockdown adventure going to be?

That’s a hard one… but probably get in the ocean for a quick wave, then get fish and chips.

What are you most excited about once Cindy lets us open the AKL store?

I can’t wait to see the long-deprived Auckland Cactus fans come in and tell me how happy they are to get their own store, and share their adventure stories.

What new product are you keen for Cactus to make?

I think we should make something retro and colourful, maybe some euro rock-climbing tights... Ponsonby Mums would probably just use them for Yoga... but yeah, that’s cool.

Cheers mate! Can you give us a sneak peak of the new store?