Meet our mate Mat Goodman! 🌵

Meet our mate Mat Goodman! 🌵

Over our nearly 32-year tenure, we've been lucky to make a lot of friends and support people on some pretty incredible adventures.

Whether it be Cactus puffers in Antarctica, Dreadnoughts on Everest or even Supertrousers in the Serengeti; we're lucky enough to have so many bloody awesome stories of people doing epic sh*t. There was also the time a guy rode around the world in record time, in a pair of Supershorts...

Nearly ten years ago and through a friend-of-a-friend, we were introduced to Mat Goodman.

Mat is a seriously talented cameraman, with a knack for nature photography and videography. You know all those BBC nature docos and Netflix wildlife series? There is a high chance that Mat's been involved in one of those during his time.

More recently, Mat worked on Serengeti, a BBC documentary that saw him live in Africa up close and personal with wildlife for four and a half years. Far from our little old factory on Lichfield Street, but something that we thought was just so cool.  

Turns out, Mat was also a fan of Cactus and in the last ten years, he's worn our stuff all around the world. He's told us firsthand about all the prickly spiders and insects in Africa and the dangerous reptiles in Asia - nothing a bit of Cactus canvas can't protect you from.

Our gear is built to last and designed to help people like Mat, get their jobs done. 

So, we're excited to have Mat (and his partner, Tara) as part of the Cactus Crew.

Welcome to the family!