Riding from the Sheets

Riding from the Sheets

In need of a break from boss-duties at Cactus, Daryl recently took some time out to complete a multi-day bikepacking trip in the Central Otago backcountry.

You know how sometimes life just stacks up on you? Worksheets, spreadsheets, timesheets, all getting to you … then you crack and just need to blow it all off. I got to that point a few weeks ago, so headed to a place far away from any calculations. And beyond how far we could go in a day. It was also a good excuse to give the Cactus bikepacking gear a workout.

John and I manufactured a small window of opportunity, and headed to the remote hills south of Omarama for a 'big spaces' refresher. We set out with very lofty ambitions of riding a bunch of skylines, sleeping rough, and riding until we couldn't ride anymore. In the end, new snow and cold winds moderated our plans, but we still got a long, long way from the week before … on multiple levels.

We met some characters, experienced some fascinating history, rode and pushed our bikes up to some pretty high places, and felt very isolated. And it was good.

I love my bike and the amazing places it can take me.

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