We aren't perfect. We've been part of this Black Friday black hole before. But over the past few years, we've realised that pressuring our customers to spend their Friday impulse-buying crap they don't need just isn't our style.

So this Friday, instead of discounting our product for 24 hours. We have engaged with Te Rahi O Tane - Trees That Count Managed by environmental charity Project Crimson, who are helping Kiwis plant more native trees across Aotearoa New Zealand. This year, Cactus have pledged to donate 100 native trees to be planted across Aotearoa. Additionally, If there really is something you need to buy from us, any sales we do make on Friday we will donate another Tree per transaction. 

We're trying to be better. For the people and for the planet. So screw shopping we think we should spend the day outside. Plant a tree, go for a run, a bike, a hike, a swim, a surf. Go abseiling, kayaking, fishing. Do some gardening, Spend time with friends and whānau, build a deck... whatever floats ya boat as long as it isn't buying a bunch of stuff you don't need.

Keen to be a part of it with us? Head here to donate a tree instead. 

Happy Friday. 

Cactus Crew.