Zac Milner ? Kaitiaki o Ngahere

Zac Milner ? Kaitiaki o Ngahere

Zac aboard SA Agulhas II, moored next to Gough Island.

Zac Milner, from Kaitiaki o Ngahere, an ecological restoration and biosecurity company, recently travelled to Gough Island in the South Atlantic Ocean to help with the management of the invasive pest plant Sagina procumbens – a small herbaceous ground-cover plant that has the potential to smother large areas of ground and out-compete the native vegetation.

Zac was training the field team in weed control methodology, assessing the feasibility of eradication, and making recommendations for future management.

While in the field, Zac used Cactus Outdoor gear and was kind enough to send us this report when he returned home to Nelson.

Working for an ecological restoration company means that I spend a lot of my time in the bush around Nelson. Members of our company also have occasional expeditions to islands around the world. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to spend some time on Gough Island.

Being a Subantarctic island, the weather on Gough is fierce. New Zealand is known for having changeable weather but I learnt a new notion of that word while on Gough. Working in such challenging conditions required the best gear that was on offer.

I chose to use Cactus gear because it came recommended from my colleagues, and has a reputation as being no-fuss, high-performance, hard-wearing equipment – that it is made in New Zealand was a bonus!

On the island, the ground was boggy with thick and consistently wet vegetation. Although there is a meteorological base on the island, the weather was unpredictable. Any jaunt away from the base required all-weather gear. I found the Mountain Jacket with the simple Cactus fleece underneath was versatile enough to withstand whatever came my way, without restricting my movement. Gaiters are essential for this environment and the Instigaiters met the challenge without a hitch.

After this expedition, I am confident in recommending Cactus gear to anyone who is after practical equipment that is built to last.

Gough IslandGough Island

Travel to Gough Island was aboard a South African Antarctic Research Vessel, SA Agulhas IITravel to Gough Island was aboard a South African Antarctic Research Vessel, SA Agulhas II.