We genuinely believe that we make some of the staunchest products on earth - making them ourselves locally allows us to ensure they're rugged. Engineering for longevity rather than planned obsolescence means we can bake in strength and forget superfluous features. 

So, it's safe to say that we're confident our gear won't let you down. We believe in making stuff that will last and can be enjoyed for years and years. Depending on the product, however, as well as where and how often you use it, all products will eventually wear out over time. Although we don't warranty wear and tear - we still believe that the longevity of a product is the answer to the environmental impacts of what we do and hence we offer a repair service to keep your Cactus gear going. And going. And going...

Repairs are like scars, each one has a story to tell. Here at Cactus, we love a pair of patched Supertrousers, but we also love doing our bit for the environment. We pride ourselves on offering a service that ensures our gear doesn't head to the landfill after a few years of use.

Need a repair? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Clean your Cactus gear - we require your product to be scrupulously, meticulously and immaculately clean. Our staff will not touch them otherwise and our precision machinery hates dirt so we'll have to send them back to you or charge a cleaning fee if they are dirty. Also, it's  bit gross expecting our team to get up close and personal with your dirty clothing so, play nice.
  2. Write a note with your details (name, address, email, phone number) and the repairs you'd like us to undertake.
  3. Send your Cactus gear to our Christchurch store - 90 Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch, 8011 or bring it into one of our stores.
  4. Sit back, relax and hold tight. Maybe enjoy a whiskey or two..

Once received, we'll assess the repairs and send you an invoice. Below you'll find a table detailing the various standard repairs that we offer. These are estimates and the final quote can't be made until the repairs are assessed by our staff. Anything under warranty will be covered by us, anything else will be at your cost. Previously, we have offered alterations, but due to our growing size, we don't offer this anymore.

Once paid, repairs generally take a couple of weeks. If you have sent them to us or brought them into our Wellington or Auckland stores, please allow time for the couriers to return them to you or to the store. If you're still relaxing and it's been three weeks and the whiskey bottle is empty, drop us a line or give us a bell and we'll follow it up for you.

If you have a question or query, please get in touch with us by emailing or calling us on 0800 122 682 or +64 3 374 9268.










When the hole is too small to patch 

New button/dome 





+$5 for binding 

Hem Lifties 



Hem HD’s 



Crotch Tuck 


Depending on size 

New Zip in Trou/Shorts 



Cordura Cuffs 



Taper out seam  


To remove holes by the seam 

Taper to Slim fit 


Make sure you have tried the Slim Supertrousers first 

Kevlar knee Pad 

$60 per knee 

$120 for both 

Cordura or Canvas Knee Pad 

$40 per knee  

$80 for both 




New Main Zip 


Heavy duty & 2-way 

Pocket Zip 



Re-seam seal 



Taper out holes under arms 


For both arms 




New main zip 


Eg Portal, Vacuole 

Smaller zip 


Eg. Pocket zip 



Position may increase cost 

New shoulder straps 


For a pair of straps – Portal, Vacuole, Miklat 

All garments 





Position/size may increase cost 






If the seam has come away 

Failed button/dome 



5-Year Pack Guarantee 


Up to 5 years, no questions asked - Foray, Hector, Miklat, Patrol, Huntaway, Vacuole