Cactus Schoolbag Stories

Did you have a Cactus schoolbag back in the day? Send us a pic and tell us about it, and we'll send you a $25 voucher!

For many of our customers, Cactus schoolbag's stir up a bit of nostalgia. We're calling all customers who owned a Cactus schoolbag to tell us about it and send us a pic (either the bag's condition now, or of you as a cute Cactus-bag-repping kid, or both) before February 15th 2021.

In return, we'll send you a $25 voucher towards a new PortalVacuole or Ultra-C Canvas Vacuole! Get one for your own kid to keep the tradition rolling, or keep it for yourself.


1) Send us a pic of your Cactus schoolbag, tell us how long you had it for (or if you still have it) and any stories that go alongside. Please send this via Instagram, Facebook or email to before February 15th 2021.

2) In return, we’ll send you a $25 voucher towards a new Cactus PortalVacuole or Ultra-C Canvas Vacuole backpack. This voucher will be valid until March 3rd 2021 or until stocks last.

Terms and conditions:

Begins January 21st 2021, ends February 15th 2021. Voucher will be valid until March 3rd 2021 or until stocks last. The voucher must be used towards a current Portal, Vacuole or Ultra-C Canvas Vacuole backpack.