Cactus Summer Strava Challenge

Step 1. Download Strava onto the device you're running with
Step 2. Start a run and follow the below directions (or download the GPX file if you have a fancy watch)
Step 3. Your run will be added to our #cactussummerchallenge Strava segment
If you have a GPS watch, download the GPX file here.
OR here are some old-school instructions:
Download the PDF map to print
Start on the corner of Barbadoes and Hereford
Go toward Fitz Ave until Stanmore Street
Left down Stanmore all the way until North Avon
Left down North Avon
Left down Hills Road (which turns onto Whitmore Street and then into Fitz Ave but keep following)
Right onto Kilmore
Right onto Barbadoes all the way down until Warrington Street
Left onto Warrington (which turns into Berwick but keep following)
Left onto Cranford Street (which turns into Sherborne Street but keep following)
Right onto Bealey and a quick left onto Colombo
Right down Kilmore
Right down Montreal
Left down Bealey onto Harper Ave, then enter Hagley on that first corner
Run in a straight line across Hagley towards the roundabout on the corner of Park Terrace and Armagh
Right down Rolleston Ave
Left onto Hereford
Right onto Manchester
Right on Dundas
Left down Colombo
Left down Moorhouse until Fitz Ave
Left onto Fitz Ave
Left onto Ferry Road
Right down Barbadoes