A couple of months ago. We sent out a bit of a survey. That served a couple of purposes: One, we wanted to learn a bit more about where our gear ends up. And two; we wanted to see if our big network of mates had any good stories about putting their gear to the test around the world. The response was huge! to be honest somewhat overwhelming. 

We love to know that our gear ends up all over the planet, in many different industries and fields. However, slightly disappointing that we didn't get any Space Exploration replies... Maybe next year. 

Anyway, there could only be one winner of the $500 Cactus Voucher. So congratulations to our mate Jimmy who took away the grand prize with this epic story, which was too good / scary not to share: 
"I wear the BBQ shirt most days at work however my puffer comes on most missions with me and I love it. Still going strong after 2 years being put through the ringer!

Not long ago, I dropped my farm bike in a deep pool whilst trying to cross the Wilberforce river in the night (silly idea). I happened to be wearing my Supertrousers and all of my warm gear (apart from my Down Jacket which was in my bag) when it happened.

All my gear got wet but somehow, miraculously my puffer stayed reasonably dry. I got so cold and decided to set up camp on the riverbed. I think the cactus puffer actually saved my life that night.

It ended up snowing on me and things got pretty miserable.. felt the effects of mild hypothermia. Thank god for the good gear you legends make!! I'm slowly collecting cactus gear and it gives me nothing but joy. Would love an opportunity to get my hands on some more." 


Thanks again to all of those who entered and shared your stories with us! If you have any stories to share drop us a line. We would love to hear them. 

The Cactus crew.