Cactus Repairs

Cactus Repairs

A few weeks ago, Cam a Cactus fan sent us a pair of 'worn in' Supertrousers for a few repairs and a general tidy up. Over the phone, he mentioned they were "around-about 10-years old" and had been used just about every day. They'd played their part in the removal of hundreds, maybe thousands, of blackberry bushes and in fact, were pretty sentimental to the customer. We chatted about options and in the end he asked us to dispose of them and invoice him for a fresh pair - it was time to move on.

Back at Cactus HQ, we had a chuckle and decided to do the right thing. After all, a few patches and some stitching would prevent them from going to the landfill - a much better option for our planet.

So, our talented repairs team got to work. A few hours later and they looked fresh. We quietly included them with the fresh pair in the courier bag and waited for a reaction. A few days later and we got a phone call - "that's so f**king awesome".

Thanks for supporting us, Cam. Enjoy the next 10-years with your favourite pair.

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