The Best 1-Star Review Ever

The Best 1-Star Review Ever

There's a saying that any publicity is good publicity, but these days companies live and breathe on Google reviews. The other day we got a 1-star review from someone - always a worrying thing. When we dived into the review, we found out that the person had bought a pair of our Supershorts, undisputedly the toughest shorts on the planet.

Our commentator was surprised, shocked and dismayed that the shorts were tough. And stiff. And needed breaking in.  

Let's be clear here, a pair of nice, soft Cactus Supershorts or Supertrousers is a badge of honour earned from months and years of real work, misuse and lack of care. We're proudly not silky smooth for sensitive skin and the most cautious of desk jockeys.

So if you're looking for the toughest pants alive, ones that will mould to you over time like a pair of good leather boots or a traditional leather bicycle saddle, look no further. If you need to know how to wash your new pants, co-founder Rob has a lesson for you...



But if you're someone who worries about paper cuts, who can't go out without choosing a pocket square that matches your tie, or who is dismayed by someone whose cufflinks aren't aligned just so... maybe we're not for you.

For everyone else, we'll carry on making the staunchest gear on earth.