Meet Katinka, the Welly Store Manager.

Meet Katinka, the Welly Store Manager.

So, Katinka, tell us about ya'self...

Well what can I say about ma'self, I am from Canada originally, having emigrated here in 2017 on a whim - fast forward 5 years and this is now the place I call home! Having grown up on a farm in Northern Ontario, I've spent most of my life loving animals, nature and the outdoors, and one thing I love about New Zealand is camping without fear of running into a bear or wolf! It's a much more relaxing experience to hear rustling outside my tent and know it's likely a possum or hopefully a curious kiwi. I've always had a thing for good kit to make my life better outside, so naturally I was drawn to Cactus! 

Which Cactus product would you describe yourself as, and why?

I would describe myself as the red check Flannel Shirt - it's the most authentic looking Canadian lumberjack style shirt and it reminds me of home! Very classic style and timeless like my sense of humour.
What do you do for fun?
I love film photography and capturing all of the quirks and beauty around us - especially the mistakes and unpredictable moments. It's one of the reasons I shoot film, you get one shot and you never know what you are going to get, kinda like life! On the weekends you can usually find me at the local markets, beach or trailhead with my doggo and husband, off on an epic adventure! You can join me on my instagram @aknitak
What's your favourite Cactus product, and why?

I would say the Ruckus Backpack, I never travel anywhere without a bag as I like to be prepared for any situation (hello 4 seasons in one day, thanks Wellington).. so it's the perfect bag for me! It's super functional yet has a simple look that suits any outing. 

Have you got any epic adventures or projects coming up this year?

Well this year has been a pretty big one so far to be honest! I bought my first home, eloped in the mountains, got this epic new job and welcomed the cutest little cloud of a dog into my life :) I think right now I'm looking forward to settling into home ownership and building a deck! Some Trade Supertrousers will come in handy for that as I get deeper into some DIY home projects.  I'm also hugely involved in the industrial hemp industry in New Zealand and have a little side hustle promoting all the epic things Kiwi's are making with hemp - from food to fibre and clothing, to skin care and more! It's a pretty miraculous plant. You can check it out at

What new product are you keen for Cactus to make?

I'm pretty keen on a matching red flannel for my dog, he could use a uniform piece for the days he comes to work with me! Or anything incorporating hemp into our fabric would be epic and a win for the planet!

Cheers Katinka!

Can you give us a sneak peak of the Welly store renos? 

Yeah, sure! It's super spacious now and it feels great to spread out and show the gear in all its glory.