Patrol Pack - Alpine Backpack
Patrol Pack - Alpine Backpack
Patrol Pack - Alpine Backpack
Patrol Pack - Alpine Backpack
Patrol Pack - Alpine Backpack
Patrol Pack - Alpine Backpack

Patrol Pack - Alpine Backpack

Designed for Ski Patrollers - the most versatile large day pack.

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Although, as the name suggests, initially designed specifically for ski patrollers, the Patrol Pack is also the most versatile large day pack we make.

It seemed unfair to limit this pack to purely professional ski field users considering that happily, through some sublime alignment of the comfort/capacity/common-sense parameters, the Patrol has found an appreciative audience amongst – well – just about anyone wanting a good all around pack.

Hunters, photographers, climbers, skiers day-tripping off piste and lightweight trampers all seem to find the Patrol pack fits the bill. A contender for the most versatile pack we make?

  • Cushy padded C-Lam harness and waist belt for all day comfort
  • Front shovel pocket, for fast access to your shovel when you really need it. In summer it’s a great place for your jacket and scroggin
  • Ice axe loops (of course)
  • Side pockets for shovel handles, water bottles and internal pockets for a hydration bladder or avalanche probes
  • Ski tail straps on the lower sides, with a side release buckle on the upper compression strap for easy ski carrying
  • Compatible with our DB Boardstraps (sold separately) for carrying your snowboard
  • Boxy base shape to fit the unusual loads that ski patrollers often carry

The Patrol Pack comes with our 5 Year, No Worries, Pack Guarantee. Read more about it here.

  • Volume: 45 litres

  • Weight: 1390 grams

  • Our pack fabrics have an internal water proof coating and an external DWR coating. For increased longevity of these coatings we do not recommend machine washing
  • Brush dirt from the product while still dry
  • Hand wash in cold or warm water using mild detergent or pure soap - preferably one
  • that's nice to the earth
  • Close zips while washing (they'll last longer), you can also silicone spray or lightly wax zips periodically to increase their lifespan
  • Drip dry without creases
  • OK, so somehow your Patrol pack fell off the rocks at the top of the field and made it most of the way to the bottom? Get someone to drop it back to Cactus HQ and for a small fee we’ll make it fully functional again
  • If you are still not sure, give us a call or flick us an email

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