Cactus Jandals
Cactus Jandals
Cactus Jandals
Cactus Jandals
Cactus Jandals
Cactus Jandals
Cactus Jandals
Cactus Jandals

Cactus Jandals

Jandal, flip flops or thongs. Whatever floats your boat. 

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Back when Cactus first started, Health and Safety wasn't really a thing.

Ben was an electrician back in the day and he doesn't remember ever seeing hard hats or high vis. Luckily times have changed and, in the spirit of embracing H&S, Cactus is excited to introduce another piece of Personal Protective Equipment: The Cactus Jandals*.

These bad boys will keep you safe and secure at the beach, barbie or on your summer road trip.

*these aren't considered suitable for workplace use. Unless, you work in an office or at the beach.

  • 100% Rubber sole
  • 100% PVC straps
  • Waterproof
  • Loves salt & sand
  • Yellow Cactus stripe for enhanced visibility
  • Compatible with standard bread tags in the unlikely event of a blowout

Country / Region of manufacture: China

  • 100% Rubber sole
  • 100% PVC Straps
7 7 37 25cm
8 8 39 26cm
9 9 41 27cm
10 10 43 28cm
11 11 45 29cm
12 12 47 30cm
13 13 49 31cm


If you are unsure of the size you normally wear in any of those 'Sizing Types', then measuring your feet length will provide a guide as to what size footwear you need to order. Following the simple guide below, measure 'both feet'. You will most likely find one foot is slightly longer than the other, which is quite normal. Then find your Cactus jandal size by comparing your foot measurement.

• You'll need a large piece of paper
• Stand with your heel against a flat wall
• Mark the longest distance from your heel to the tip of your toe, then measure it