Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask
Cactus Washable Face Mask

Cactus Washable Face Mask

A highly efficient, washable Face Mask with superior filter protection. 

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The Cactus Washable Face Mask

We are constantly iterating on our products at Cactus. Following customer feedback, we have designed a new Cactus Face Mask that's washable, with replaceable filters (while doing our best to keep all of the goodness from our previous mask).  

This Face Mask in a nutshell:

  • The woven wool-filter is designed to be more than twice as easy to breathe through than standard masks.
  • The filter media used in the mask filters 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size - for reference, to meet N95 standard, a filter must block 95% of these particles.
  • We've designed it to seal snugly around the face for superior protection with an adjustable nose-wire to form a protective seal. 
  • Made in NZ - 100% cotton outer and a NZ wool-filter.


    • As mentioned above, the filter is tested in-house to P2/N95 levels.
    • This face mask is washable but the filter must be removed (check care tab for further information).
    • This face mask comes with one filter inside it, and replaceable filter packs are available for purchase.
    • Check the care tab above for when to replace your filter.  
    • Wearing the mask cannot fully remove the risk of infection or contracting a disease.
    • Due to face masks being a sanitary product, we cannot accept them for return, refund or exchange for any reason. We recognise this is quite different from the regular Cactus stance on returns/refunds/exchanges but unfortunately the nature of this product gives us no other option.
    • Stop using the mask immediately if breathing becomes difficult.
    • This Face Mask is a consumer product. It is not a respirator. It is not a medical device. It is not PPE.


    Cactus have teamed up with Lanaco to create a highly efficient, portable Face Mask. We’ve placed Lanaco’s HELIX® woven Filter Media - an innovative natural wool filter - into a soft cotton outer. And voila, filtration that blocks harmful particles, pollution, bacteria and virus. The HELIX®Filter Media, scientifically tested within an inch of its life, proves kiwi sheep have got the goods to protect their two legged friends. In fact it’s so good, NASA are currently testing it to protect their space team. 

    Care Removing the Mask:

    As with any mask used to filter out germs and viruses, care needs to be taken when removing the mask. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after touching the mask.

    Taking Care of your Mask:

    • Store below 30 degrees in a dry place. Keep separately in a sealed bag.

    Washing your Mask:

    • Remove and dispose of your filter before washing mask. (Washing the filter makes it less effective.)
    • Warm gentle machine wash, not above 30 degrees celcius. 
    • Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

    Lifetime of your Filter:

    This filter works by trapping particles and micro-organisms in the fine filter threads. As such, over time it will need replacing. We would recommend filters being replaced (and the mask itself being washed) every month for normal use and more regularly for heavy use)

    Replacing your Filter

    If you are removing the filter from your mask, we recommend disposing of it and replacing it. 

    The mask comes with one filter, and we have filter packs of 5 available to purchase. 

    The wool, fluffy side of the filter is to face away from you (face down when you insert it into the mask. 

    This video shows you how to replace the Filter:  


    For hygiene purposes, we’ve had to package these Face Masks in a plastic bag. We’re not fond of this solution and will be looking for other methods, but in the meantime, let’s find as many ways as we can to ensure this bag is not single use.

    NOTE: Our masks are a standard one-size-fits-most. However, due to everybody's face shape being different, we cannot assume it will fit absolutely everyone. Feedback suggests our masks don't work as well on people with beards or large chins.


    Fitting your Cactus Face Mask
    1. Insert the filter
    2. Place the face mask to your face
    3. Pull the elastic to a point that it is comfortable but snug (the better the seal on your face, the more effective the mask is)
    4. Tie a knot in the elastic

    Watch this video example: